--Please note that this article is only for the Ingenico Credit Card readers that were supplied prior to 2019--

  1. Ensure you are on the main screen. You can press the Red X button multiple times to exit any menu you are currently accessing.
  2. Press the Green Enter button to access the Main Menu and then select New Sale.
  3. Press 1 - Credit or 2 - Debit.
  4. Enter the Invoice Number that appears on the Molo app. If you cannot get the invoice number, you can press enter to bypass this step.
  5. Enter the amount of the sale and press Enter.
  6. You can now tap a smartphone or smartwatch (including Apple Pay and Android Pay) or insert a chip card.
    1. Your card reader does accept magnetic swipes but for protection against being liable for fraudulent transactions or disputes, do not use the magnetic stripe when an EMV (Chip) card, smartphone, or smartwatch is available.
    2. You may also key enter the card number and expiration date at this time if the card or smartphone is malfunctioning.
  7. The device will automatically print a customer receipt after 15 seconds or you may press No to skip the second receipt printing.