Molo can keep track of a customer's prepayments, deposits, credit notes, and overpayments. Allocating these Payments and Credits is easy to do from the Payment screen of an outstanding invoice. An animation and steps are below on how to do such an allocation.

Steps to Allocate Customer Credit to an Outstanding Invoice

  1. Open the Contact --> Account -- Invoices tab or the Reservation --> Billing tab.
  2. Locate an outstanding invoice with a positive balance such as a Standalone Invoice, Reservation Invoice, or Service Invoice.
  3. Press View --> Pay on the outstanding invoice.
  4. On the Payment screen, when a customer has credit available from a payment, overpayment, deposit, or credit note, you will see a prompt indicating "Customer has credit available."
  5. Press Allocate Credit.
  6. Check the box next to the credit you wish to allocate and click Allocate.