The Date and Time Picker used in Molo has many functions to allow for easy navigation and selection of dates. Please review the functions below to get the most out of the date and time picker.

Click or Touch to Get More Specific

  1. When viewing a year view, simply click that month to view the days of the month. The same applies as you get more specific. If you click a day of a month, you'll see the hours in that day.

Click or Touch the Title Bar to Get Less Specific

  1. If you accidentally selected June but want to go back to the yearly view to pick July instead, simply click the title bar to move to less specificity. You can do the same to move up to the yearly or decade view.

Use Your Keyboard Arrow Keys to Move Left and Right

  1. In addition to using the arrows with your mouse, you can also use your keyboard to scroll forward and backwards through dates and times.