--Please note that this article is only for the Ingenico Credit Card readers that were supplied prior to 2019--

If you need to void (cancel) a charge or refund, provide a same-day full refund, or cancel a charge or refund due to an erroneous entry then follow the steps below to cancel the charge to the customer's card.

Even after these steps are completed, the customer may still see a "Pending Transaction" in their online banking site for 1-2 business days but this pending transaction will automatically be removed by their card issuer.

  1. Ensure you are on the main screen. You can press the Red X button multiple times to exit any menu you are currently accessing.
  2. Press 3.
  3. You may select All and use the arrows to scroll through the day's transactions. If you have the original receipt, use the REF # and select 2 - Reference # to find the transaction using this number.
  4. Select the transaction you want to reverse (cancel).
  5. Select Yes when asked to confirm.
  6. The device will now prompt you to print a receipt for the customer which you may skip.
  7. In Molo, make sure to press the Pencil --> Void next to the payment to void out that payment.
  8. You can now void the invoice or take payment using another method.