Below is an explanation of how the Customer report captures data.

  1. The report shows all Contacts you have in Molo regardless of the date range entered.
  2. The Primary Email Address shows the first email address listed for a contact.
  3. If a contact has multiple vessels, there will be a line for each contact and the linked vessel.

The below information applies to the Vessel Revenue and Total Customer Revenue columns.

  1. The Date Range of the report will choose which invoices to display by using the Invoice Date.
  2. For certain customers using Molo prior to November 2016, the Invoice Date may not have been set by your users. In those scenarios only, the report will include invoices using the start of the reservation or the creation date of the invoice.
  3. Both Revenue columns exclude voided invoices, prepayments, overpayments, and prepayments. Moreover, the Revenue columns ignore if an invoice is paid or not.
  4. The Vessel Revenue column shows all Reservation and Work Order invoices that belong to the specific vessel on that line of the report.
  5. The Total Customer Revenue column shows all invoices for the customer.