Below is an explanation of each setting inside the Offer. Fields in Red are required.

General Settings

  1. Offer Type - This is displayed to customers who book online so they can see what type of dockage or storage is offered.
  2. Offer Sources - This controls which online booking platform or website can access and book this offer. If a box is checked, availability can be viewed and reservations can be created.
  3. Internal Name - This is not displayed to customers and is for you to note what this offer is for or what makes it unique.
  4. Customer-Facing Name - This name is displayed to customers online.

Dates Section

  1. Offer Start Date - Sets when the availability of this offer available to be seen by customers. Moreover, before this date, no reservations can be accepted.
  2. Offer End Date- Set when the availability of this offer can no longer be seen by customers. Moreover, after this date passes, no reservations can be accepted.
    1. Important Note - If the current date is not inside the Offer Start and Offer End dates then the two dates below are ignored.
  3. Earliest Arrival Date - Sets the earliest day on which a vessel can check-in.
  4. Earliest Departure Date - Sets the latest day on which a vessel can depart.

Minimum and Maximum Stay Length

You can set a minimum or maximum number of nights that a boater can reserve in conjunction with this offer. Here are some examples of how this tool is useful.

Note: There is a section further down called Length of Stay Overrides that you can use to enforce different minimums or maximums depending on the arrival date.

  1. You provide 2 different pricing structures for boaters who stay less than a month and those that stay more than a month.
    1. You make 1 offer called Transient Dockage, Less Than 1 Month and set the Maximum Number of Nights to 29.
    2. You make a 2nd offer called Monthly Dockage and set the Minimum Number of Nights to 30 and can optionally set the Maximum Number of Nights to 365.

Vessel Dimensions Section

These fields let you control the minimum and maximum sizes of a vessel that can use a particular offer. The dimensions are inclusive. So if, for example, you set the Minimum LOA to 40', a 40 foot vessel can use the offer.

  1. Pro Tip 1: This is perfect to pair with the Spaces tool. You can set a Minimum LOA to keep your T-heads available for large boats only.
  2. Pro Tip 2: You don't have to set Maximum values for Beam, Draft, and Air Draft. If your spaces already have the correct maximums, the system will evaluate each slip before presenting it to a vessel as available to reserve.

Default Rates

Note: You can only set a Default Transient Rate or Default Seasonal Rate but not both. This is normal. You will need to make different offers for transient vs. seasonal/annual reservations.

  1. Default Transient Rate - This is the default transient rate for short-term or time-based reservation. The Default Transient Rate also will determine the Invoicing Method behavior that is set in the rate. You can edit that setting by going to Menu --> Admin --> Time-Based Rates.
  2. Default Seasonal Rate - This is the default rate for seasonal or annual reservations. If you charge different prices for different slip sizes you will need to make 1 offer for each slip size.

Transient Rate Mapping

This tool lets you set special override rates for weekends, holidays, or special events. The Start Date and End Date are treated as which nights trigger the special rate..

  1. Example Rate Mapping 1: You want to set a special rate for vessels who stay the Friday and Saturday night. The Start Date would be set to Friday and the End Date would be set to Saturday.
  2. Example Rate Mapping 2: You want to set a special rate for vessels who stay the Friday night before Memorial Day to the Monday night of Memorial Day. The Start Date would be set to Fri, May 24 and the End Date would be set to Mon, May 27.

Length of Stay Overrides

This tool lets you specify a minimum or maximum number of nights a boater must reserve when arriving for specific dates.

  1. Example Length of Stay Override 1: You want boaters who arrive between July 2nd and July 5th to stay a minimum of 3 nights. You would configure settings this way:
  2. Example Length of Stay Override 2: You want boaters who arrive on Thanksgiving to stay between 2 and 5 nights. You would configure settings this way:

Minimum Payment / Deposit Required

This specifies the minimum amount required to book a reservation. It can be expressed as a Percentage or Number of Nights. If you set this to 0 (Zero) or leave it blank, a reservation can be created and a slip can be held without any payment. It is calculated against the sum of dockage, add-ons, and taxes if the Percentage mode is used.


You cannot add Spaces until after you have pressed Create Offer and this is normal. Use this Purple Button to add the Spaces you want available in this offer. You can make unique offers for Dockage, Moorings, and Alongside Dockage with appropriate names so customers know what they're booking. You can use the Spaces tool to restrict a particular offer to certain spaces.

Many marinas will make 1 single offer for all transient reservations but may have 20, 40, 50, and 60 foot slips. To prevent from having to make 4 different offers for each of the 4 size ranges, you can use the Maximum Unused Distance for Single Spaces to make sure that a 20-footer doesn't occupy one of your 50 foot slips.

  • Example: The behavior of the Maximum Unused Distance for Single Spaces prevents more than a certain number of feet from being empty in a single slip. Therefore, if you configure this setting to 10 Feet, any boat that reserves a 50 foot slip must be 40 feet or larger. A 35 foot boot would cause 15 feet of unused space and would therefore be prevented from booking that space.

Other Settings

  1. Instant Reservation Confirmation - This setting makes all reservations made using this offer have a Status of Confirmed in Molo.
  2. Automatic Dockage Discount - This setting can automatically show the customer when making a booking what active discounts are available. It can be expressed in a Percentage or a Number of Nights.
  3. Use Recommended Dimensions Online for Alongside and Med Mooring - This setting makes it so Molo would look at the Recommended LOA of Long Edge Spaces to determine availability.


This tool can allow you to add connection fees, resort fees, or flat electric fees to each reservation. Use the checkbox under Required to make these required fees that must be paid to make a reservation. The fees are summed with the dockage prior to the calculation of the Minimum Payment / Deposit Required when the Percentage mode is used.

Display Count of Remaining Spaces

This allows online booking platforms and websites to see how many spaces remain in your marina.

  1. Pro Tip: Drive more bookings by, for example, putting 6 in the field of Only Show When Less Than ___ Slips Remain. This will only show customers that 5 Slips Remain! or less to drive some Fear of Missing Out (FOMO).