This report retrieves attempted Molo Credit Card transactions that are attempted whether approved or declined. Below are some details about precisely how it functions.

  1. The Date Range fetches when a transaction was actually attempted regardless if it was approved or declined.
  2. The checkbox for Only Show Automatic Charging allows you to only see automatic credit card charge activity initiated from the Statements Page buttons labeled Charge Credit Card.
  3. All columns are click to sort. You can click a single column multiple times to reverse its sort order. Here is more information about what each column shows.
    1. Contact shows the Contact's First and Last Name as well as the Company / Contact Name field in parenthesis.
    2. Was Automatic Charge? shows whether this charge was initiated automatically from the Statements page.
    3. Account Type shows the type of credit card or type of bank account.
    4. Card / Account Number shows a masked version of the card number or bank account number.
    5. The Result shows Approved, Declined, Error, or Held.
    6. The Result Details provides some plain english explanation of why a transaction was not approved.
    7. The Address Matching shows information about whether the Address Verification Service (AVS) was able to successfully match the data entered to the billing address on file with the issuing bank or card company.
  4. The Credit Card Activity report only shows charges, not refunds. To view credit card refunds, use the Transaction or Transaction Detail reports.