• Messages that are still in the process of being sent show in a White Background.
  • Messages that have been successfully delivered to a customer's inbox but never opened or clicked are shown in Blue Background.
  • Messages that have been opened by a customer or where a customer clicked on any link, including "Pay Online Now" are shown in Green Background.
  • Messages that could not be delivered are shown in Red Background.

Status Details

  • A White Background - Most popular email providers like Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo will process sent messages from Molo within seconds. However, if a smaller private email server is offline or overloaded, a message may remain with a white background while Molo is still attempting to send it. Also, if an email address may have a typo, Molo may attempt multiple delivery attempts for a few hour before it marks it as failed with a Red Background.
  • "Delivered" - This means that a customer's email provider responded to Molo that a message was successfully delivered to a customer's inbox. A customer may have filtering or automatic rules built in their inbox so even though a message is delivered there is a possibility a customer has not seen that message.
  • "Opened" - This means that a customer has opened an email. Please read an important disclaimer below.
  • "Clicked" - This means that a customer has clicked on a link in the email. It could be any link, including but not limited to the Pay Online Now button.
  • "Dropped" or "Bounced" - This means that Molo attempted multiple times to deliver the message but could not successfully do so. Please check your email for a real-time notification from Molo with the subject "Molo Failed Email Delivery Warning". This email will notify you as to why an email was dropped.


Not all email providers and internet service providers send back reliable data for Opened or Clicked events. Sometimes these events can also be blocked by users that have tracking blockers installed on their browser or email reader. A customer may have opened an email or clicked on a link and you may not see this email changing to Green in Molo. The effect of this blocking technology is outside of Molo's control.