The Reservation Follow-Up report is a way to get information about reservations, contacts, vessels, reservation totals, and customer balances. It is helpful to see information about reservations that have ended or are soon ending. It is also useful for marinas with high transient volume that want to follow up with customers about their stay.

How the Report Retrieves Data

  1. The report only shows reservations that are marked as Checked OutĀ or Cancelled.
  2. Reservation with a Scheduled Departure Date or Actual Departure DateĀ that is within the date range you entered are displayed.

Explanation of Specific Columns

  1. Reservation Total - Shows the sum of all charges contained within that reservation including dockage, add-ons, and any invoices that were linked to the reservation.
  2. Reservation Balance - Shows the balance of all invoices linked to that reservation.