This guide is for setting up your Molo Express Card Reader for the Verifone P400 Plus pictured below.

- Please note that this Credit Card is not longer being sold as of 2021 -

  1. To begin, slide open the door on the top section of the back of the reader.
  2. Connect the I/O Block to the bottom of the reader.
  3. Remove the back cover at the top of the Terminal.
  4. Plug the connector into its matching position and slide the cover closed.
  5. The end of the cable has a black rectangular block where you need to connect the Power Adapter and Ethernet Cable. Note: Make sure the ethernet cable is connected to your router or network with an internet connection available.

  6. Once connected to power, the Molo Express Card Reader automatically turns on. You cannot turn the reader off, aside from removing the power adapter. In a countertop deployment, leaving the device on for extended periods is expected. Even when it's not in use, we recommend leaving the reader plugged in to receive automatic software updates.
  7. The device should automatically start up and show one of these two screens:
  8. Troubleshooting Note: If the reader says "No internet connection - Please check your network cables, modems, routers, and firewall. this means you have not connected the Ethernet Cable to the port labeled ETH or that ethernet cable is not providing an internet connection.
  9. Once the reader shows Payments by Stripe with the above blue and green background, you can now log into Molo.
  10. Navigate to Menu --> Admin --> Molo Terminals.
  11. Click New Molo Terminal at the top right.
  12. Under Terminal Name choose a plain-english name that describes where the reader is located or if at a specific staff member's desk, enter the name of that staff member.
  13. Now press 0-7-1-3-9 on the keypad of the reader to get the Registration Code (should appear as three words with dashes).
  14. Enter this Registration Code under the Terminal Name.
  15. Press Done at the top right.
  16. Click the green button labeled Make My Default Molo Terminal.
  17. You are finished!