To make a sale on the POS, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to New (Top right corner) >> Sale/Invoice to open the POS screen. You can also access the POS screen by clicking on Point of Sale on the blue menu bar on the left.
  2. Select the Items and Quantity from the drop down (note most popular items will auto-sort to top)
  3. Select Take Payment to pay the bill, then the Payment Method of your choosing.

More information on Collecting Payments

Molo allows you to enter partial payments or full payments. You may find that a customer wants to pay part of an invoice in cash and the remainder of an invoice by check. Those steps are all outlined below.

Collecting Full Payment

  1. While on the Invoice screen, press the Payment button on the bottom left side.
  2. You are presented with a virtual keypad and action buttons below.
  3. If you touch one of the action buttons of Cash or Check, the system assumes you are collecting precisely full amount due.
  4. For example, if the total is $100.00 and you press Check, the system will assume you collected $100.00 by Check.

Collecting Cash Payments More than Amount Due (aka Change Due)

  1. When on the Payment screen, you are presented with a virtual keypad and action buttons below.
  2. If you are collecting cash payment of $20.00 for an invoice of $16.05, you would type "20" with the virtual keypad and then press Cash.

The system would then tender that cash and show you the change due.