The Invoice Line report in Molo is a powerful report that allows you to pull out all receivable invoice and credit note line items.

How the Report Retrieves Data

The Date Range is used to find all invoices by their Invoice Date. The system then pulls out all line items that are active, meaning not voided or deleted. If you want to include voided and deleted lines, simply check the box labeled Show Voided and Deleted Lines. The report ignores payments and allocations inside the captured invoices.

Explanation of Columns

Some of the columns of the report are straightforward but others are more complex. An explanation of those columns is below.

  • Subtotal: This shows only the Quantity * Unit Price.
  • Discount Type: Shows Cash, Percent, or Quantity which is the method of discounting selected by the user.
  • Discount Value: This shows the numeric value entered by the user.
    • Example: A 50% discount would show Percent as the type and 50 as the value.
  • Discount Amount: Shows the calculated discount in dollars.
  • Total: This column does the following math:
    • (Subtotal - Discount) + Tax
  • Posting Date: A charge can be added at any time to any invoice as long as the invoice is not in a locked period or locked due to payments. The Posting Date therefore allows you to see the precise minute an item was added to an invoice. For standalone invoice (point-of-sale) this column is helpful to see when certain items sell the most throughout the day.
  • Start and End Date: Where an invoice line was automatically created from a reservation, the Start and End Dates will show the time period covered by that particular invoice line.
  • Nights: When an invoice line has a start and end date, this column will show the number of nights.
  • Nightly Average: When an invoice has a start and end date, this will be the Subtotal / NightsThis column therefore ignores discounting.
  • Status: Will always be empty unless a line is voided or deleted.
  • Tax Exempt: Will show Yes when the invoice line is linked to a customer who was set as Tax Exempt.
    • Note: This is set at the moment in time. Meaning the flag will be set to Yes if the contact was Tax Exempt at the moment the invoice item was added.
  • Original Price: If a user overrides the original unit price, the original price will be show here. Otherwise, this column will be blank.
  • Calculation: If the invoice line was auto-calculated from a reservation rate, this column will show that calculation.
  • Work Order and Job: This shows the linked work order name and job name if the invoice line was created from a work order.
  • Notes: This shows any notes that were entered by the user.