Below are the steps to update the exchange rate in Molo and to take a foreign payment. 
  1. To enter an updated exchange rate, touch Menu --> Admin --> Exchange Rates.
  2. Press New Rate Exchange.
  3. Enter the From as USD and the To as MXN. Then simply enter the rate.
  4. If you view an existing rate, it will show the username and the date/time it was last updated.
  5. To take a payment, go to the normal payment screen and press Other Methods --> Mexican Peso Cash.
  6. The invoice line item will show what was collected in MXN peso as well as the reduction in invoice amount in USD.  This conversion will pull from the most recent rate that was entered in the New Rate Exchange.
  7. The Transactions report in Molo will now show a separate section for Mexican Peso along with the amount collected in foreign currency.