To begin troubleshooting, use the following common scenarios to help diagnose what’s broken.

Checking connectivity

Molo provides two debug screens on the reader. Use these screens to help diagnose common connectivity and network issues. To access a debug screen, enter the following key sequences while on the splash screen:

0-4-2-6-8Device StatusShows the device’s IP address, account ID, location, gateway, network mask, and connectivity status.
0-8-6-2-4ConnectivityStarts a network test, by attempting to connect to the required endpoints.

To exit a debug screen, press 0 on the keypad.

Problems updating

If your reader is not updating or showing as online, it’s possible that it cannot connect to the internet. Check its connectivity.

Reader does not have an IP address

If the Device Status debug screen shows the reader’s IP address. If you see the words No ETH then the reader is not getting an IP address. Use the following steps to debug a No ETH condition.

Router networking

If using a router, please refer to your router’s manual, and reconfigure the networking setup.

Other IP-address

If the above steps do not reveal an IP address on the reader, try these further measures:

  • Unplug and reconnect the Ethernet connection to the network source (i.e., the modem for router networking, or your computer for bridged networking).
  • Restart the reader while the network source is attached to it. You can restart the reader by unplugging and reconnecting the power cable from the connector cable.
  • Check the connectors for any broken hardware (such as bent pins).

Reader has IP address, but is unable to communicate with Molo or still shows as offline

The Connectivity debug screen indicates whether the P400 is connected to Molo. Here are some common reasons for failing this test, with corresponding troubleshooting steps.

  • Molo cannot be accessed or reader shows as offline:
    • Check your computer’s firewall/blacklists that the following domains are accessible:
    • The network source is not connected to the internet:
      • In the case of bridged connections, ensure that the selected source is connected to the internet.
      • In the case of router connections, refer to your router’s documentation to restart the network.