What is a Lock Date

Molo has an optional Lock Date setting that can be configured to prevent transactions being posted or modified on or before a specific date.  However, you may take payments or perform allocations to outstanding invoices and credit notes within a locked period.  Only select users (often the accountant and/or owner) has the permission to modify the lock date. 

For more information on managing invoices with a lock date, see the related article:  Managing Invoicing with a Lock Date (Void, Discount, Edit)

Lock Date Affects Add-Ons for Seasonal Reservations

During initial creation of a seasonal reservation type, Add-On items are not able to be added IF the reservation start date is inside a locked period.

Manual Lock Date Configuration

For users with the accounting permission - the lock date can be set from the advanced settings menu at the bottom left of the screen.

Automatic Lock Date Configuration

Molo engineering can configure your lock date for automatic updating. Lock dates can be configured to set automatically after 1, 2, 3, 5, or 7 days, or to automatically set on the last day of the prior month. 

The Molo system runs a task each night at 12:45am (meaning the start of each calendar day) and re-sets the lock date. This is helpful because if someone changes the lock date to some time in the past during an afternoon but forgets to re-set it, our system will try to fix it every single night.

To set up an automatic lock date, contact support@getmolo.com.