By default when you invoice a work order that has technician hours in Molo, we don't send anything over to Xero for COS.

However, Molo does have a Labor COS Nightly Batch available. We can configure Molo to send a nightly journal from Molo --> Xero that does the below.

  1. It finds all the invoiced work orders for the day.
  2. Sums the Actual Hours * Tech Hourly Cost.
  3. Posts a manual journal where the Date is the invoice date and it then debits one account and credits another for the sum of the labor above in step #2.
  4. For most of our marinas, they CR a labor asset account like Labor Actual Paid or something similar and they DB a COS account like Labor COS.
  5. In this case above, our marinas are posting expenses for tech labor into the asset account.

Look at this example journal from our testing system.

Please reach out to Molo Support if you are interested in setting up a Labor COS Nightly Batch from Molo to Xero.