What are Molo Instant Payouts?

For those using Molo Express payment processing, daily payment batches are normally deposited in 1-2 business days. However, there is an option to select one or more of your payments to be deposited instantly so you don't have to wait for your funds.

How do I use Molo Instant Payouts?

Click here to view the tip sheet on using Molo Instant Payouts!

How fast is "instant"?

Nearly 6,000 banks in the US support Molo Instant Payouts and in practice ~99% of payouts are available within minutes. Due to differences across banks, the other 1% are usually available within a few hours or the next 1-2 business days.

When you attempt to store a bank account in Menu --> Admin --> Instant Payout Methods, we will attempt to check with your bank and see if your debit card supports Instant Payouts.

Are there any fees to receive a Molo Instant Payout?

In addition to the normal credit card processing fees for each transaction, an additional fee is charged for the Molo Instant Payout. This amount is presented to you on-screen when you are triggering the payout.

Are there any limits on Molo Instant Payouts?

Yes. Molo is essentially loaning you payments before we receive them from Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex, etc. Therefore, there is a daily and monthly limit associated with Molo Instant Payouts. Please submit requests for increases to support@getmolo.com and we'll review them as quickly as possible. If your bank account is unable to cover Molo Instant Payout fee debits or your account experiences chargebacks on payments triggered via Molo Instant Payout, your ability to use Molo Instant Payouts can be suspended for any length of time at our discretion.

Are Molo Instant Payouts available for merchants outside of the United States?

No, currently Molo Instant Payouts are currently only available to debit cards issued by U.S. Banks.

Terms and Conditions

The terms of using Molo Instant Payouts are covered in the terms at the bottom of the Menu --> Admin --> Business Information page. However, there are a few important points we want to outline here. Please note that this list is non-exhaustive and you should reference the terms in full.

  • When our user interface indicates a Molo Instant Payout is successful, we will attempt to settle funds into the bank account linked to your debit card within minutes. As mentioned above, 1% of banks delay instantly deposited funds. In these cases, we are unable to refund the fee for the Molo Instant Payout due to delays from your bank.
  • Molo, or its financial sponsors, can suspend the use of Molo Instant Payouts at any time at our discretion.