What are authorizations?

Think of an Authorization as the step before taking an actual payment or deposit. Authorizing a card is beginning of the process of charging that card by ensuring that it is capable of paying for a certain amount.

When would I use authorizations?

The most popular use of an authorization is for boat rentals. When a boat rental begins and the customer is about to depart, you may authorize an amount, of say, $1,500 to ensure the boater can pay the $500 rental fee when they return but could also cover the a security deposit / damage fee of $1,000.

Who can use authorizations?

Any marine business signed up for Molo Express payment processing. If you want to take advantage of lower processing rates, you should also have a Molo Express Desktop reader.

  1. Not yet signed up for Molo Express? Email support@getmolo.com.
  2. Want to buy the desktop reader? Go to: https://shop.getmolo.com/products/integrated-card-reader

How do I use authorizations?

Step 1 - Take the Authorization

  1. In Contact --> Account --> Actions or in the Sale Screen --> Actions menu is a button called Authorize Card.
  2. Simply enter an amount and press Ok.
  3. You'll be prompted to do one of two things:
    1. Use Molo Terminal - This allows you to use the Desktop Molo Express Reader. Taking an authorization face-to-face using this reader will provide a discounted payment processing rate.
    2. Enter Card Details for Molo Express - This will allow you to key-enter a card.

Step 2 - Void or Capture the Authorization

For each Authorization, you have the option to void or capture. You can perform this from the Contact --> Authorizations page.

  • Void - The red Void button will cancel the authorization permanently. Any Pending transaction on a customer's card will automatically disappear in the next 1-3 business days.
  • Capture - This will convert the authorization into a Payment on Account. This will allow you to use that payment to pay off invoices or leave on the customer account for future invoices.

Do authorizations expire or ever get automatically voided?

Yes. After 7 days from when the authorization is first taken it expires and can no longer be captured as a payment. That authorization will also be automatically voided from Molo. Certain card brands and card issuing countries have authorizations that expire sooner. If you try to capture an authorization that has expired we will present a warning to you.

Will Molo automatically store the card?

In many circumstances, yes. When you use the chip or magnetic stripe we will automatically store the card when it is not the default Walk-In contact. When contactless payment is used, we are unable to automatically store the card.