When does Molo automatically store a credit card?

For Marinas using the Molo Express Processor, when you Key-Enter a payment, take a payment with the Molo Express Terminal or when a customer makes an Online Payment, we will attempt to store the card to the Contact --> Payment Methods in Molo. There are three exceptions to this:

  1. If the contact is the default walk-in contact, we will not store the card.
  2. If we detect that the card is a Prepaid card, we will not store it since those are infrequently used again. You can always manually store a Prepaid card if necessary.
  3. If there is a Molo Express Terminal payment with a contactless card.

When will Molo try to automatically update a stored credit card?

When we receive messages from the card brands (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, etc) that an expiration date or card number has been changed it will automatically be updated in Molo.

Why is a card not storing?

Molo checks if a card is valid by trying to authorize it for a penny or a dollar. This is to ensure the card is active and is not restricted from use. If a card is canceled, suspended, expired, or has a maxed-out credit limit it may be unavailable to store.