What is BoatCloud?

BoatCloud is a web and mobile application for managing dry stack hauls and launches. It allows customers to requests movements from their smartphone and for the marina staff to view these on their mobile devices.

What does Molo send to BoatCloud?

Molo sends any new or updated record of the following type to BoatCloud with a delay of roughly 60-120 seconds.

  1. Contacts
  2. Vessels
  3. Spaces
  4. Reservations (Storage Contracts)

What does BoatCloud send back to Molo?

BoatCloud will send charges and inventory sales from boat movements back to Molo in real-time. Movements from a customer's rack to the water, for example, are not sent back to Molo. Therefore, current location is tracked in BoatCloud.

  • When a boat movement occurs, BoatCloud will ask for a list of Molo inventory and charges in real-time.
    • Note: We will only send items to BoatCloud that have the Available As Add-On? set to Yes in Molo.
  • After the completion of a boat movement in BoatCloud, if any inventory items or charges were selected by the BoatCloud user, BoatCloud will send an invoice in real-time to the Molo contact dated with the current date.
  • The current date is used even if the move was scheduled in a prior day to avoid issues with locked financial periods.
    • BoatCloud sends only the Quantity for each item. Molo will populate the unit price with the item's sales price at the moment we receive the invoice.
    • BoatCloud sends their movement public "notes" in the invoice line item notes.