You can reset the network (ethernet) settings using these steps below. This is helpful for when you move the printer to a new network, get a new network router or the IP address on your printer is showing

Note: These steps will remove the static IP address you had previously assigned. When done, you must repeat the initial setup steps linked here.

Resetting the Network (Ethernet) Interface

  1. Turn off the printer. Do this by holding the Power button for 1 second or more.
  2. Remove the back cover of the printer and find the RESET engraving. It should be just above the LAN port.
  3. Insert a fine-point pen or a paperclip into the RESET switch and hold it down.
  4. Now press and release the Power button.
  5. Continue holding down the RESET button until the green Network LED flashes. It should look like 3 computers connected together.
  6. Finally hold down the FEED button to reset the settings. The lights will go off when complete and you can release the RESET button. 

Repeat Initial Setup Steps

Use the help article linked here to repeat the initial setup steps to get your printer connected again on your new network.