This report can help you in reviewing advance deposits for future reservations, deposits for work orders, and payments made on accounts that have yet to be used.

Report Behavior

By default if you run the report without changing any settings, the system will list all prepayments (deposits), security deposits, overpayments, and payment on account invoices that still have a negative balance. In other words, they have not been fully allocated to pay off customer's balances.

You can use the Show Type option to just view specific types of unallocated payments and the Include Allocated Items in order to see all deposits and payment invoices even when they've been fully allocated.


  • Contact - This will show the contact and if relevant (Company Name). It is clickable to open the contact in a new tab.
  • Vessel - This will show the vessel name if a reservation or work order is linked to the payment. You can click to open that vessel in a new tab.
  • Type - Shows whether the row is a prepayment, payment on account, security deposit, or overpayment.
  • Invoice Date - Shows the date of the invoice and consequently the date of the payment.
  • Work Order - If the deposit is linked to work order you will see the work order name listed and you'll be able to click to open the work order in a new tab.
  • ArrivalĀ and Departure - When a reservation is linked to the payment the scheduled arrival and departure will appear.
  • Invoice Number - Shows the linked invoice number of the payment. Clicking it will take you to the invoice.
  • Balance - Shows the current negative balance of $0.00 balance of the payment.