Background Information

When you setup your barcode printer wirelessly you can allow multiple computers to print to it.

Setup Steps

Important Note: You have to disconnect from your WiFi and connect to the printer's WiFi to complete this setup. This will cause a momentary loss of internet. You may want to print out these instructions. Alternatively, you can complete the setup from your smartphone while viewing instructions on your web browser.

  1. Connect the printer to electricity.
  2. Load labels with the bitter (loose) end down. The label face should be facing the ground.
  3. Feed the label under the green colored plastic.
  4. Turn on the printer. It should automatically feed in a label.
  5. Connect to the WiFi network of the printer which should be labeled as DYMOLWWxxxxxx where the "xxxxxx"is a random series of letters and numbers.
    1. If you are connecting multiple printers and need to know which one to connect to, this WiFi network name is printed on the bottom side of the printer like this SSID: DYMOLWW1265DC.
  6. In your internet browser navigate to -->
  7. The initial username is admin and the initial password is admin.
  8. After logging in, name the printer with its location like ServiceFrontDesk.
    1. Spaces and certain special characters aren't allowed.
  9. Proceed with DHCP unless you are the manager of your network or IT staff who knows how to assign static IP addresses.
    1. For IT Professionals: It may be useful to assign a DHCP IP address reservation for the printer but this is not a required step.
  10. Select your WiFi network.
    1. IMPORTANT: It is critical that you connect the printer to the same WiFi network as your computers. In other words, do not connect to a Guest WiFi or some public WiFi. The printer and your workstation(s) must live on the same network without any subnet or firewall separations.
  11. After entering your WiFi password or other credentials you should be connected.
  12. When you see Printer is successfully connected.... you should re-connect to your normal WiFi or ethernet network.