ACH payments are paid out at a different pace and handled differently in the Molo Express Transactions report than credit card payments. Review the information below to learn more about ACH payments and how they are handled in payouts.

ACH Payments in the "Pending" Section

In the Molo Express Transactions report, ACH (Bank Account) payments will appear in Pending until they succeed. ACH payments take 5 business days after the payment to succeed or fail.

When Are ACH Payments Paid Out

ACH payments will be paid out after the bank of the customer has alerted Molo that the payment has succeeded.

An Example Timeline of an ACH Payout

  • An ACH payment is created in Molo on Wednesday, May 12th.
  • The ACH payment goes to the ACH network in the evening of May 12th.
  • A count of 5 business days begins on Thursday, May 13th.
  • On Wednesday, May 19th the bank of the customer will alert Molo if the payment succeeded or failed.
  • Molo will attempt to immediately pay this out to you. Payouts take approximately 1 business day to appear in your bank account.