This is a description of how the Current Dockage report functions.


By default the report only returns reservations marked as Checked In. There are 2 checkboxes you can enable to show more data in this report.

  • Show Expected Reservations - This will show all Checked In reservations but it will also show reservations that should be in the marina at the current date and time.
  • Show On Leave - This will add On Leave reservations to the list of reservations.

Column Information

  • Space Name - Touching this column will open the reservation in a new tab.

  • Arrival and Departure - These columns have a special click-to-sort so that if you click the date or the time they will sort together.
  • LOA, Beam, and Draft - These columns show numbers only for easier reading but also for easier analysis in Excel. Inches are divided by 12 and converted to a decimal. So 6 inches becomes 0.5 feet. Read here for more info.
  • Vessel Info - This holds the Make, Model, and Vessel Type together in one column.