This report can be used to find all active Recurring Reservations for your marina along with some relevant data about rates and add-ons.

What Reservations are Included

The report displays reservations that meet these criteria. The reason for this is that only reservations that meet these criteria active generate recurring invoices.

  • The reservation is a Recurring type of reservation.
  • The status of the reservation is any of these:
    • In Process
    • Pending
    • Confirmed
    • Checked In
    • On Leave

How Do the Filters Work

The report has two filters and they work using OR logic. Meaning if you filter for many items in either or both filters, all the possible matches will be returned.

  • Show Only Specific Rates - This filter shows all the Recurring rates in your marina including ones that have been deleted. If you enter more than 1 rate then any reservation with any of those rates in use will appear in the report.
  • Show Only Specific Add-Ons - This filter shows all the Inventory Items in Molo with Available as Add-On set to On. It will also include deleted items. If you enter more than 1 add-on item then any reservation with any of those add-ons currently added will appear in the report.

A Note on Certain Columns

  • Rate Amount - This will show the current rate configured in Molo.
  • Override Rate - This will show the price if you have used a Rate Override in the recurring reservation. In this case, all future invoices will use the overridden rate instead of the normal Rate Amount.
  • After the Override Rate column will be one or many columns for each add-on you have used. Each reservation will show True or False if that add-on is in use.