Molo Messaging allows for two-way text messaging from a central phone number based in Molo to all of your contact's mobile phones!

To set up Molo Messaging, first navigate to the Molo Messaging module. To start using Molo Messaging you need to first pick a phone number. You can use your area code to search for numbers related to your geographic region. If no numbers display, there are no matches for that specific search and you should try a different area code. The number you select cannot be changed later on.

Once you select a mobile number click the Setup Molo Texting Now button, and you are ready to go!

Molo Messaging Tips and Tricks

  • Contacts must have a Mobile number to send messages.  - Messaging uses the SMS/MMS protocol, so the contact must have a phone number with a type of Mobile in order to send text messages. If a contact has multiple phone numbers,  the first number of type Mobile will be used for sending messages.
  •  You can send a link to pay an Invoice or pay a Statement directly from the messaging module.
  • Messaging allows for pre-written message templates, which can be configured under Admin >> Message Templates for users with the appropriate access permissions.
  • Users can leave a Private Note if they want to leave a message in the text thread for another member of the marina.
  • All messages sent and received in Molo Messaging can be read by all of your Molo users with access to messaging.