For list of all the Elevate and Deny points, along with their functions, click here!

Molo allows for unlimited users which gives you the unprecedented ability of auditing which user took specific actions in the app.

Molo's User Roles and User Management module gives you even more control of each users role and permissions. There are over 50 (and growing) configurable access points in Molo, that are separated into Elevated Access (turned off by default, and must be specifically granted to a user), and Deny Access (turned on by default, and must be specifically restricted to a user) access points! Check out this article for list of all the Elevate and Deny points, along with their function!

User Roles

Important Note for Multi-Location customers!

User Roles are configured at a Company Level. This means, that for marine business with multiple locations, the same user roles that are configured at one location will also be visible and will apply to all other locations. For Example, if I create a user role called Ship Store User at my New York City Marina location, my Washington DC Marina location will also have that same user role created.

There are three default user roles configured out of the box with every new Molo account but these are simply to give you a place to start. You can make as many additional Custom User Roles as you like!

  • Standard User
    • Has all the standard access, but no Elevate Access
  • Super User
    • Has all the standard access, and all Elevate Access.
  • Limited Access User
    • This user has no Elevate Access. Additionally, they have many of the configuration and override features of Molo turned off. Limited access users cannot view reports, edit configuration settings like rates, delete contacts, and override rates or provide discounts.
  • Custom User Role
    • The sky is the limit, you can create as many custom user roles as you'd like for every segment of your organization. For example, you could create a custom role (with defined permissions) for Dockhand, Summer Staff, Finance, Reporting, or Service Manager, just to name a few!

User Management

Because of their sensitive nature to manage user access, User Roles and User Management are only available to the marine business owner or general managers specified during the Molo purchase and account setup phase. If at any time you would like to grant an additional user access to this feature, please reach out to your Molo support team!