Configure Tipping Settings

Molo supports tipping directly on the screen of your desktop card reader. Details and how to configure these settings are explained below.

Devices Supported

Tipping is currently only supported with the WisePOS E reader pictured below. If you have an older reader that does not match this one shown here, a newer reader is available at a discount. Please contact or touch the Question Mark at the top of Molo to learn more.

A Note on the Reader's Location

Credit card regulations already require that the reader always be facing the customer. You must not handle the customer's credit card, smartphone, or smartwatch physically.
On-Reader Tipping only works if you ensure your reader is facing the customer as the customer will be prompted to select the tip amount a moment before inserting their chip card or tapping their smart device.

Settings Explained

Note: Regardless of the mode selected, customers are always presented with an option for Custom or No Tip to comply with various card rules. This behavior cannot be removed.

To configure On-Reader Tipping, navigate to the Admin Settings >> Accounting >> Settings section and configure the following settings: 

  1. Enable On-Reader Tipping - You must turn on this switch to enable tipping on the reader.
  2. Tip Item - Select the item that should be used for tipping. Some guidance on creating this item in Molo:
    1. Often this Item Name and Item Code is called Tip or similar
    2. Set the Sales Price to 1 and Item Charge Method to be Flat Fee
    3. Set Quantity Can Be Decimal to True
  3. Tipping Mode - Three tipping modes are available:
    1. Smart - See Smart Threshold below for behavior.
    2. Percentage - Always shows 3 percentages regardless of sale size.
    3. Amounts - Always shows 3 amounts regardless of sale size.
  4. Smart Threshold - The threshold amount to be used for the Smart Tipping Mode. If you are not using Smart Tipping Mode, this value will be ignored. Smart Tipping shows fixed tip amounts for sales under a certain amount and percentages for sales above that amount.
    1. Example: You set the Smart Threshold to 10. If the total is >=$10.00 then the customer will see percentages. If the total is <$10.00 then the customer will see amounts.
  5. Ignore Tax Amount for Tip Basis - This setting will remove the tax from the charge amount for the purposes of calculating tipping. In other words, if an invoice has a $100 subtotal and a $8 tax and this setting is True then the reader will use $100 as the basis to calculate tip percentages.
  6. Tip Amount (1-3) - These are the three amount values that will be shown depending on the Tipping Mode configuration above.
  7. Tip Percent (1-3) - These are the three percent values that will be shown depending on the Tipping Mode configuration above.