The FuelCloud automated fuel management system combines hardware, a web portal, and a mobile application to give users real-time insight into their fuel. FuelCloud sends Molo data on your Fuel Transactions every 15 seconds so you can be assured that your information is up to date.

How To Import FuelCloud Transactions into Molo:

1. Navigate to + New in the top right hand corner of Molo and select "Sale/Invoice"

2. Once you are in the POS, select the "Actions" button

3. From the "Actions" menu, select "Import Fuel Transactions"

4. Once you have selected "Import Fuel Transactions," you will be able to select from your recent fuel transactions and import them from FuelCloud by selecting the checkbox under "Add To Invoice." Once you have your transaction selected, you would select the blue "Add to Invoice" button.

(note: if you need to, you can click "Refresh Data" to pull in the most recent transactions)

5. Once you have added the fuel transaction using the steps above, you can take the payment in the POS as normal.