Please watch the following video to understand how surcharging works in Molo. Please reach out to us about enabling this feature for your location or with any questions.

Welcome to the new Surcharge Settings feature in MOLO. If this feature has been enabled on your account it can be accessed via Admin Settings > POS Settings > Surcharges.

Setting up and using Surcharges in Molo - Watch Video

Choose the invoice types to apply the surcharge to (standalone, reservation, service) and define when to apply —whether it's through auto-charge (statements section), point-of-sale screen, or online payments. Specify credit brands such as Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, or others. Surcharging is supported for credit card transactions only. Debit cards are not supported. There is no plan to support debit cards at this time.

Before creating a surcharge, ensure you have an inventory item for it. If not, first create an inventory item for surcharging. The surcharge item will pull details like the item name, sales price, and item charge method as well as any associated GL accounts when applicable. You can set the charge method (percentage-only supported at this time) and sales price in the surcharge setting, which will be respected when the surcharge runs. So the same inventory item can be used to make different surcharge options.

Once enabled, you can create multiple surcharges for different conditions.