When on a PC or Mac and on the Payment screen of an invoice or sale, you can take a key-entered credit card payment. You can choose to collect the full amount due or a partial payment.

  1. If you want to associate this invoice with a customer or use a credit card they have on file, first press the Pencil symbol to the right of Contact to associate this invoice with that contact.
  2. You can type any part of the contact's name to quickly locate it. Then simply click it once and press Confirm.

  3. If collecting the full amount due, simply touch or click the Credit Card button and the system will begin the process of charging the full amount. If instead, you want to collect only a portion of the amount due, first enter the amount using the virtual keypad and then press Credit Card.                                    
  4. You will then arrive at the screen indicating the amount to be charged. You will also select whether you want to Enter the credit card details or use an existing card from that contact. If the amount is wrong, simply use the Back button at the top left of the screen                                                                                                            
  5. When entering the card details, you must collect the name as it appears on the card, the billing address, card number, expiration date, and card code. All of this is meant to protect against credit card fraud.
    1. Below is how to locate the card code. For Visa, Mastercard, and Discover it is a 3-digit code on the signature line on the back of the card. For American Express, it is an imprinted 4-digit number on the front of the card.

  6. When done, press Confirm Payment.