How to Close Out Molo

At the end of the business day, marinas typically run reports to close out their cash drawers, tally up sales, and get a clear picture of all transactions that occurred for a particular day. The steps for that process are below. Most marinas will want to run the Revenue, Invoice, and Transactions reports together to get a full picture of the day, week, month, or year.

How to Run Reports

These steps cover how to run all reports in Molo.

  1. Go to Menu --> Reports.
  2. There are buttons to easily select a date range. Clicking the Today button, for example, will automatically pick today's date as the start and end range for the report.

  3. Click Apply to see data.
  4. Use the Download button to get this data in Excel or the Print button to print out the data.

Revenue Report

This report shows the total amount of sales for each item in a particular time period. Items with no sales are not shown.

Invoice Report

The Invoice report shows all invoices created during the dates selected. It includes invoices from standalone sales as well as any invoices created as a result of reservations.

Transactions Report

The Transactions report shows all payments and refunds. They are grouped by payment method and individual totals are present for each payment method. If no payments or refunds were done with a particular payment method then that method is not shown. The Cash total is useful as it should equal the cash taken in for Molo transactions.