Below is a table that explains the Colors of the Spaces Page.


  1. Only Solid Grey and Yellow indicate a slip that is held or occupied. All other colors indicate a slip is ready for use.
  2. Cancelled reservations do not appear on the Slips page.
  3. If a reservation is past its Scheduled Departure Time, it will still appear on the spaces page.
  4. If a Space is marked as Inactive in Molo, it will not appear on the Spaces page.

Reservation Status
In ProcessWhiteReservations that are incomplete and not finished. Important: Space is not held.
PendingSolid GreyReservations that are finished but unconfirmed. Space is held.
ConfirmedSolid GreyReservations that have been confirmed by the marina. Space is held.
Checked InYellowReservations that are currently checked in and space is held.
Checked In and LateRedReservations that are checked in and past their scheduled departure time. Space is held.
On LeaveWhiteReservations where the vessel is away. Space is not held.
Checked OutGrey with Diagonal LinesReservations where the vessel has departed. Space is not held.