When you attempt to store a credit card for a customer, we attempt to authorize it for $0.01 or $1.00 to ensure that the card is valid and the account is active with credit available. The reason we perform this authorization check is so that when you attempt to use a card later to pay an invoice you can be certain you have a valid card on file.

How to Store a Card

  1. Cards may only be stored in Molo's web app.
  2. Go to Menu --> Contact.
  3. Search for the contact and click on that contact's name once.
  4. Click the Payment Methods tab.
  5. Click on Credit Card and Add Card.
  6. Below is a list of the minimum information needed to store a credit card in a contact.
    1. Card Number (Note the card number must not have any spaces, dashes, or other characters.)
    2. Expiration Month and Year
    3. Card Security Code (CVV/CVC/CVV2)
    4. Billing Zip Code (Note: While it's possible to store a card with only the billing zip code, we highly recommend storing a card with the full billing address. It provides you additional protection and for certain card brands, can provide a lower processing rate.)
  7. Click the Save button to finish saving the card.
    1. Important Note: If the Save button is not clickable, it means one of the above pieces of information is missing or the card number is invalid. Molo can detect when the card number is too short, too long, or incorrect.


If you are unable to store a credit card, click the Save button to save a credit card for a contact, or receive one of the error messages below, please read through these steps.

  • "Error processing request: E00027 - This transaction has been declined"
  • "The transaction has been declined because of an AVS mismatch. The address provided does not match billing address of cardholder."
  1. If you are unable to click the Save button to save a card, it can indicate that some of the minimum information below is missing or that the card number is too short, too long, or simply invalid. Please review the above minimum information to ensure you entered a sufficient amount of information.
  2. If you receive a message indicating the card was "declined" it means we attempted to authorize the card for $0.01 or $1.00 and were unable to get approval. A Decline can arise for many reasons. Below is a non-exhaustive list of examples. If a customer is unaware as to why their card has been declined, they should contact their card issuer using the toll-free number on the back of their card.
    1. A customer has a block or travel ban on their card.
    2. A customer's fraud protection stopped the transaction.
    3. A customer has been issued a new card and the previous card number has been deactivated.
    4. A customer's card does not have sufficient credit available.
    5. The account for that card has been closed.