Important Note: Automatic Credit Card & ACH Billing will only charge customers automatically who have their Automatic Charging Preference in the Contact Details set to Charge Credit Card or Charge Bank Account as shown below. It is your responsibility to collect a signed payment authorization giving you the permission to automatically charge a customer's card. You can contact for a sample authorization template. In order for customers to get automatic emails after the automatic charge attempt is completed, the Statements Preference must be set to Email as shown below.

When on the Statements page and using Actions for All --> Charge Credit Card, the system simply schedules the process to auto charge all customers while you are on that screen. After the pop-up disappears the system does all the work in the background.

The system then runs through each customer and performs the following validations. If any of these validations fail, the customer is skipped for automatic charging. Customers that have never had an invoice in Molo are not checked at all.

  1. Customer has a balance greater than $0.00 using the Statement Date entered. See this Help Article to understand how the Statement Date works.
  2. Customer has the Automatic Charging setting configured to Charge Credit Card inside their Contact record of Molo.
  3. Customer has a non-expired credit card on file.

If all those validations pass, the system will attempt to automatically charge the customer. The system performs auto-charging of about 25-50 customers per minute. Therefore, if you immediately jump into a customer's account, you will not immediately see the charge being processed.

A Note on Expired Cards: If a customer has more than 1 card stored, the system will try to use the next card in the list that isn't expired.

Emails to Customers 

Once the automatic charging is completed, Molo will send an email to customers that were attempted to be charged.

  • If Autocharge is successful: The system then sends an email to the contact with their Billing Statement. If the automatic charge to the card was successful, the statement will show a Balance of $0.00. If the charge is declined or unsuccessful for any reason, the statement will simply show the balance that remains on the customer's account.
  • If Autocharge fails: if the charge is declined or unsuccessful for any reason, Molo will send an email to the customer's email with their Billing Statement and include a Pay Online Now Link where they would be able to pay with their Credit Card.