Molo shows the Cost and Profit of each line inside the Work Order including Labor, Parts, and Charges. It also provides a sum of the total costs and profits of Work Order at the top. The ability to view this information is restricted only to certain users. Have your marina owner or manager contact Molo Support for more information.

Here is how each Cost and Profit value is calculated.

  • Labor
    • When a labor line is Per Hour, we will multiply the Hourly Cost * Actual Hours for each entry under Employee Hours. We will then round each multiplication and then sum them together.
    • We store the Hourly Cost of each technician in each Employee Hour entry at the moment you add it to the work order. Therefore, making changes to a Technician's Hourly Cost will not affect past work orders.
    • When a labor line is Flat, Per Foot, or Per Square Foot, we will use the Purchase Price that was listed in the Inventory item at the moment it is added to the Work Order.
  • Parts
    • Molo will use the past price change history of the Purchase Price field in Inventory to calculate the Average Purchase Price. We will then multiply the Average Purchase Price by the Quantity and then round that value.
    • We will only use the past Purchase Price changes that occurred on or before the date and time that a part was added to a work order.
    • Lastly, Purchase Price changes have only been active tracked by Molo starting on February 20th, 2018 so changes made earlier than that will not be used in the average calculation.
  • Charges
    • Molo will use the Purchase Price of the Charge as it was set in Inventory at the moment it was added to the work order.