Background Information

If you find that the Current Balance is lower in the Reservation Billing Tab than the Current Balance in the Contact --> Account --> Invoices tab, that is normal. If you expect the Reservation Billing Tab to have a different balance, read through the information below.

The Contact --> Account --> Invoices tab holds all invoices for a customer, including ones not linked to a current reservation. The Reservation --> Billing Tab shows only those invoices linked to the current reservation or created within the reservation. If you just enter a new sale by pressing New --> Sale / Invoice it can be just a Standalone Invoice. If you want the invoice to be linked to the reservation follow the steps below.

Option 1 - Automatic Prompts to Link to Reservation

When you create an invoice for a customer who has a reservation, you will receive a pop-up asking if you want to link the invoice to a reservation.

Option 2 - Use "Create New Invoice" Button in Reservation Billing Tab

If you use the Create New Invoice button from within the Reservation Billing Tab, the system will automatically link that invoice to the reservation.