This guide walks you through sending an online contract to a customer. It can be sent for Transient, Seasonal, Annual, or long-term tenant reservations. Customers will be able to agree to your contract/terms and conditions as well as pay online.

  1. In Molo click + New --> Reservation.
  2. Search for and click on a contact. Confirm by pressing Select Contact.
  3. Confirm the vessel for which you're reserving space.
  4. Choose Transient / Time-Based or Seasonal / Flat Rate reservation method.
  5. Select your Rate and Dates.
  6. Choose the Space. Note: The space you choose isn't revealed to the customer. If you aren't sure where they will ultimately go pick any space now just to hold a spot.
  7. After picking the space click Send Email with Online Payment Link.
    1. You can edit the customer's email if needed
    2. You can send a custom message to customer - for marinas who request the first installment of an annual payment they often include that as a custom message.
    3. Make sure "Allow Molo Online Payment" is selected.
    4. You can request an amount (if the first installment of a payment plan) or leave this blank to allow the customer to specify what they will pay.

You will receive a real-time email notification as soon as someone pays online, indicating they have also signed the online contract (You need to pay online to accept the online contract and vice/versa).

Accessing Contracts Signed Online

  • At any time you can view and print the digitally signed terms and conditions by clicking the Print button then  Full Reservation Summary and Terms at the top of the reservation preview screen.
  • Once the customer has signed online, the reservation will show the Terms Accepted Date/Time field near the bottom of the reservation preview screen.