Edit or Delete Rates

Molo will always hold your rates in the system in case they are linked to any prior reservation or invoice, but you may edit them, or remove them so they are no longer an option when creating new reservations. Changing rates will not affect existing reservations with that rate, only reservations created with new rates.

Remove a Rate:

  1. Click on Space and Resource Settings, then "Time-Based Rates" or "Seasonal Rates"
  2. Find and click on the rate that you would like to remove.
    1. For "Time-Based Rates", change "End Date" to any date in the past (changing this end date will not affect existing reservations made with that rate).
    2. For "Seasonal Rates", toggle the "Active" button to the red "off" state.
  3. Click Update/Save rate.
  4. You will no longer see that rate as an option when creating a new reservation and it will change from the Active tab to the Inactive tab

To Edit a Rate:

  1. Start with steps 1-2 as for Remove a Rate above.
  2. Modify the rate as you wish.
  3. Click Update/Save rate.

*For an overview of the rates, please review the Rate Settings Report (under Reservation and Spaces heading)

Time-Based or Seasonal Rates - What's the Difference?

Time Based Rates: are calculated rates that change based on the duration of the reservation in Molo. Use these rates if you want the price to vary depending if the customer stays for 1 night, 6 nights, or 2 months.  Customers who use time based rates typically have many transient boaters (staying for 1 night to several months), or marina's who offer month-to-month dockage.

  • Time Based rates are available for selection in the Rate Picker dropdown during new reservation creation, during the date range of the rate. Outside of the date range, the rate will not be visible for selection in the Rate Picker dropdown during new reservation creation.

Seasonal Rates: are time-independent rates, so they don't vary based on the duration of the reservation in Molo. Typically customers who offer "seasonal" dockage (e.g. for the summer season) offer these rates. An example seasonal rate would be $100/ft for the summer. A 20' boat would be charged $2,000 for the season, regardless of the duration of their stay in Molo.  Seasonal rates have the ability to be invoiced in "installments" so a seasonal contract for 6 months could have multiple (eg. 2 or 6) 'installment' invoices.

  • Seasonal rates are available for selection in the Rate Picker dropdown during new reservation creation, when the "Active" setting is toggled on, REGARDLESS of the date range. The date range of a seasonal rate selects the default dates of the seasonal reservation in the reservation creation workflow.