To make a new reservation:

  1. Select New >> Reservation from the top right corner of Molo.

  2. Select the Contact who will be tied to the reservation.

  3. Select the Vessel for the reservation.

  4. Select the Rate, and Dates for the reservation (Check-in and Check-out). NOTE: Make sure to click through the date and time selector completely to keep the date accurate.

  5. Select the space where you will place the vessel during its reservation.  NOTE: Only slips that are available for the duration of the reservation, and are large enough to hold the vessel will be shown.

  6. Select one of the options to save the reservation.

    1. Send Email Contract - if you want to collect payment via Molo's online payment system

    2. Take Deposit 

    3. Take Payment

    4. Store Payment Method

    5. Reserve Without Payment - to create a reservation without taking any form of payment