This article explains how to add charges to an EXISTING reservation. To learn how to post add-on charges to a NEW Reservation, follow the instructions in this article.

  1. Find the existing reservation in the Reservations tab
    1. For Transient & Seasonal: Go to Billing tab of the reservation.
      1. Find the invoice that that you wish to add charges to and click View >> Add Charges
        1. Add the charges to the invoice then click Save to Account
    2. For Recurring: Go to the Add-Ons & Discount Tab of the reservation 
      1. Select Change Add-Ons and choose the charges you would like to add, then click Save Add-Ons
      2. The new charges will be added to each invoice generated moving forward

Note: If the Add Charges button does not appear when you view an existing invoice, you can select Reservation >> Billing >> Create New Invoice to create a new invoice associated with that reservation, and add the charges to that invoice.