What is a Security Deposit?

A Security Deposit is a special type of prepayment invoice that is not calculated into customer facing statements. To explain this in a different way, if the customer has a security deposit on file, and has a current balance, their invoices will not show as negative (as they would with a normal prepayment invoice, showing that the customer has credit on file). You can differentiate a security deposit invoice because they are labeled, Security Deposit

Taking a Security Deposit

Step 1: 

A security deposit can be taken at any time using the Actions >> Take Deposit workflow under Contact >> Account.

A security deposit can also be taken during initial reservation creation, by clicking the Take Deposit button in the Overview and Payment screen.

Step 2:

In the pop-up that window that opens, make sure that the checkbox next to Security Deposit is checked to record the pre-payment as a security deposit. This will create an invoice of type Security Deposit that is linked to the customers account.

Return a Security Deposit

To return a security deposit, either apply the credit to an outstanding invoice or refund the invoice (return check, cash, or credit card).  

Record Customer Forfeit of Security Deposit

If the customer is forfeiting the deposit but has no outstanding invoices to apply the credit to, perform the following steps:

  1. Click New --> Sale / Invoice or click on Point of Sale on the menu bar on the left.
  2. Use the Pencil at the top left to pick the contact that has the security deposit that must be captured.
  3. In the Charges list search for Deposit Forfeit (if you do not have an item/charge called Deposit Forfeit you will need to make one first).
  4. When asked to enter a value for quantity, enter the amount of deposit you want to capture 136.45.
  5. Click Allocate Credit.
  6. Allocate the security deposit to this new invoice.
  7. Done!