The Molo Technician App is no longer being maintained as of December 2022. All Technician App tasks should now be performed in the Molo Manager App. Please see this article for more details on the service functionality of the Molo Manager App.  How to Record Labor Hours with the Mobile Manager App (Service) 


The technician service app is a light application designed to be used by technicians in the field, while working on a job or work order to track their time worked along with images and comments.

Set Up

Technicians can be given access to all of Molo, only parts, or only the technician app. To give someone access to the technician app, make sure the following steps have been completed.

  1. Create the technician in Molo by going to Admin >> Technicians >> click New Technician.
  2. Request that a Molo login be generated for your technician by completing the new user request form ( If they already have access to Molo, please reach out to to have their User Account linked to the Technician.
  3. Once you get confirmation on Molo from #2, your technician can now log into the Molo Technician App!

Technician App Components:

Jobs Screen & Job Detail

The main landing page of the app is the jobs screen, where a technician can view by all jobs, or only their jobs. From the jobs list they can select a job.  They can use the "Star

Time Entry

Time can be recorded two ways:

  • Using the "Start Time" option functions much like a stopwatch or time-clock, designed to be hit when the work starts, and then hit again when it stops.
  • The "Record Time" option allows technicians to add time after the fact.

Photos and Comments

Along with adding a time entry, technicians have the option to add photos of their work, and comments about the work that was recorded.

  • Photos can be uploaded from the camera roll, or saved taken directly in the app!
  • Comments can be recorded independently, or along with a photo.  

Photos and Comments added by your technicians will show up in their respective jobs in the Work Orders section of Molo, so the service manager can review what their technicians are working on.   

Technician App Tips and Tricks

Here is some additional information that may be useful!

  • Currently the app only shows active jobs, deleted and closed work orders don't show.
  • You can search by job, work order name, or vessel name. The app currently doesn't catalog the search by customer name.
  • The pill shaped field on each Job's overview shows the overall progress of that job.
  • Opening or changing between jobs will refresh the app (in the case the Manager makes a change and the technician wants to view the change)
  • The app is being constantly worked on and updated with new features, so check back in the future to see what additional functionality has been added!