Workflow Summary

This is a basic summary of how to handle boat rentals with Molo.

  1. Create a new invoice with the boat rental amount and associated fees.
  2. Associate that invoice to an existing contact or create a new contact.
  3. Collect an authorization on the customer's credit or debit card.
  4. When rental is over, add any fees, overages, or damages to the existing invoice.
  5. Use the prior card authorization to pay off the invoice.

Note: Read all about Authorizations and how they work here.

Step 1 - Start an Invoice and Authorize the Card

  1. Go to New --> Sale / Invoice.
  2. Add the boat rental fee and other associated items.
  3. Touch Contact --> Pencil to pick an existing contact or touch Create New Contact.
  4. Only first and last name are required but we recommend gathering all information shown.
    1. Pro Tip 1: If you receive a credit card dispute having full contact name, address, phone number, and extra  information can help manage the dispute process.
  5. Touch Save to Account.
  6. Important: Note down the Invoice Number so you can quickly pull up the customer's rental invoice later.
  7. Touch Return to Payment.
  8. Touch Actions --> Authorize Card.
  9. Enter the Amount and choose the capture method.
    1. Pro Tip 2: To properly handle a credit card dispute you should have a signed rental agreement with the customer's printed name as it appears in Molo outlining your damage policies, deposit policies, and liability the customer must cover.

Step 2a - Add Fees and Capture Payment

  1. From New --> Sale / Invoice, touch Actions --> Open Invoice by Number.
  2. Enter the invoice number from earlier.
  3. Add additional charges to the rental invoice like gas, items, or damages. You can also edit the original invoice or change the rental charge.
  4. Touch Actions --> Use Authorization.
  5. Important: When you do this process you can only capture the authorization once. So if you capture less than the authorized amount like $289 out of $500 that becomes finalized and you cannot later capture the remaining $211. If you need to keep more of the authorization please continue below.

Step 2b - Capture Full Authorization for Later Usage

In some cases you might not know the final charges or might need to assess damage. You can follow the steps below to capture the full authorization amount for later use.

  1. Go to Menu --> Contacts.
  2. Search for the customer from Step 1.
  3. Go to the Authorizations tab.
  4. Touch Capture next to the authorization and enter the capture amount.
  5. This will now be a Payment on the customer's account you can later use or refund.