The new Contact List page is meant to bring a bunch of improvements and optimizations that have been requested by current Molo users. It allows you to see some standard contact filters with a single click, have custom contact lists via the new Tags functionality, and brings a much more powerful search.

Explanation of New Contact Filters

  • All Contacts - Shows all active contacts that are not deleted and not inactive.
  • Recent - This is a list of contacts that you particular user account has recently opened specifically from the contact list. When using contacts for a new reservation, invoice, or work order it will not count as a recently opened contact.
  • Customers - This is all contacts that have the Customer checkbox enabled.
  • Vendors - This is all contacts that have the Vendors checkbox enabled.
  • Favorites - This is all contacts that have the Favorite (star) icon turned on. It is specific to only your username but shared across all your logins.
  • Unpaid Balances - This is all contacts that have any invoice with a positive outstanding balance.
    • Note: This checks for one or more receivable invoices with an outstanding balance. If doesn't check for a $0.00 contact balance. So a customer with an unallocated payment of ($250) and a positive outstanding invoice for $250 would appear in this Unpaid Balances report because the allocation has not happened yet.
  • Checked In - This is all contacts with one or more reservations that are Checked In status.
  • Inactive - This is all contacts that were marked as Inactive.
  • Deleted - This is all contacts that were Deleted.

Customize and Re-Organize Columns

At the far right and top of the contact list is a menu icon of 3 dots. If you touch this menu you can turn on and off certain columns as well as drag and drop columns.

Note: The column named "Name" is a unique column that contains the bubble with a customers first and last initial, the bold name and the subtitle of their boat name or company name. You can choose to hide the special Name column for a more compact view. 


The Tags area will show all tags that are actively in use for contacts. Meaning you could have tags built that don't appear here because they aren't linked to any contacts.

See Linked Tags in the Contact List

You will see bubbles with the corresponding tag color in each contact row. If you hover over those bubbles you will see the tag name.

What Can I Do with Tags

Here are some examples of what you can do with tags and contacts.

  • You want to make a list of VIP customers that is shared between all your Molo users.
    • Make a new tag called VIP.
    • Use the checkboxes on the All Contacts list and select multiple contacts.
    • Then touch the + tag button to add the tag to multiple contacts.
  • You want a list of Hurricane Storage customers.
    • Make a new tag called Hurricane Storage.
    • Add that tag to your Hurricane Storage reservation rate or charge.
  • Make a list of any contact that has ever purchased fuel.
    • Make a new tag called Fuel Dock.
    • Add that tag to your items for gas, diesel, ice, etc.
    • Any customer who purchases those items will be added to the Fuel Dock tag.