Bulk Emailing allows you to email directly out of Molo without the need to integrate with a third party email client. This video explains how Bulk Emailing works in Molo!

Some tips to get the most out of Bulk Emailing

  • For access to Bulk Emailing, please ask your general manager or marine business owner. If you are a general manager or marine business owner, please reach out to support@getmolo.com.
  • Reporting on the emails that have been sent can be done by viewing the Emails tab of an individual contact, or the Email History Report in the Reports section under Reports >> Contacts and Vessels >> Email History.
  • You can email contacts, groups, and/or tags directly from the Bulk Email window. Some caveats:
    • If contact Becky Thompson and Bernie Thompson share the same email thompsonfamily@gmail.com and are both included separately in the Send To: field, then the email address thompsonfamily@gmail.com will receive two emails, one for each contact.
    • If you send the same bulk email to your VIPs group and your Hurricane Storage group, and the contact Amanda Garson is a member of both groups, the Molo will de-dup and only send one email to Amanda Garson
    • If Tony Hawk has two emails under his contact (eg. tony@proskating.com; and t.hawk@gmail.comthen Molo will send one email to the multiple email addresses.
  • Replies to bulk emails are treated the same as all other email replies, and will be sent directly to your inbox as long as you are configured to receive emails from Molo. Subsequent replies from your email addresses are done outside of Molo. If you are not receiving email replies please reach out to Molo support for assistance.