The Assign Primary Technician workflow on the Job Detail page allows the service manager the option to do the following two tasks upon assigning a technician to a job.

  1. Create a linked calendar event assigned to that technician!
  2. Send an email notification of the job assignment to the technician's inbox!

Under the Work Order Detail >> Job List section, and the header of the Job Detail section the Assign + option opens a popup to assign a technician to that job. By default, the technician is simply assigned to the job, but you are only a click away from sending them an email notification and creating a calendar event to track their workload on the calendar!

Some tips and tricks to keep in mind when using the Assign Primary Technician workflow:

  • You can only notify technicians who have a linked Molo User with a valid email. For assistance in linking a Technician to a Molo User, please reach out to
  • When you click into any field in the Date & Time section, the date and time will pre-populate to tomorrow, with the default times that are set up under Admin >> Calendar Settings. You can always change the date and time to whatever you'd like!
  • Each time you assign a Technician you have the opportunity to send an email and create an event, so you could end up with multiple events for the same job - for example if you change the assigned technician and optionally choose to create an event for both of them.

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