When Molo is looking for the list of all spaces that are available during the Reservation Creation or when selecting the Move Vessel button, the below must be true:

  • The Space is Active.
    • To see if a space is Active, select Space and Resource Settings > Spaces. Then select the space and if the section labeled Active is set to True, that space will be available for bookings. If the section labeled Active is set to False, that space will not be available for bookings and you would need to select Edit and then change that toggle to show Green
  • There is no Reservation in that space for the time period selected [for Long Edge or Short Edge, the distance must be available]
    • There are a few ways to review this but the best one would be to go into the Reservation Section [select Reservations on the left-hand side] and then type in the exact space name that you are looking for. Please review that the filters are showing Upcoming & Current and that By Status and Reservation Type are both set to 'All'
  • The Length, Beam & Draft of the Vessel are all smaller than the Max Length, Beam and Draft of the Space.
    • To find the Dimensions of a Vessel, go into the Vessel Section [select Vessel on the left-hand side] and then search for the vessel name or linked contact name. From there, click on the vessel to open it and then the values will appear under Dimensions and Basic Information
    • To review the dimensions of a Space, select Space and Resource Settings > Spaces, then click on the space. Since Molo only looks at the Maximum Dimensions, please review "Maximum LOA", "Maximum Beam" & "Maximum Draft"