If you are looking to refund a same-day partial payment, please review How to Issue a Same-Day Partial Refund for Credit Cards. Please contact support@getmolo.com for assistance or call (855) 605-8100.

The easiest way to provide a full or partial refund is to locate the Invoice you want to refund inside the Contact associated with the sale.

  1. Go to Contacts.
  2. Find the Contact associated with the Invoice / Transaction.
  3. Go to the Account tab in the contact and then click on the Invoice button.
  4. Find the Transaction that you want to refund, and press the red Refund button. This will take you to the invoice associated with that transaction.

  5. You must create a Credit Note for the amount you want to refund before issuing the refund itself.

  6. Press the Credit/Return button at the far bottom right.

  7. In the Credit/Return pop-up, check the Box or Boxes next to items you wish to refund. You can manually override the Quantity and Unit Price for each item. Press Credit/Return when done.

  8. Now you have created a Credit Note for this Contact. You will see the original payments listed. You can refund full payments or partial payment using the number pad.

  9. If you wish to refund a Credit Card or Bank Account Transaction, you must press thesymbol next to that particular transaction.

  10. For partial credits and refunds, check the box next to the correct transaction and enter the appropriate amount to refund.

    1. NOTE: You can also save this refund to the customer's account by pressing Save to Account. The customer can then allocate that refund credit towards another purchase at a later date.

    2. NOTE: If choosing Credit Card as payment method for refund, you will need to select which Prior Transaction you are wanting the refund to apply to. 

  11. After this, you'll be asked to enter a Refund Reason. Complete this and then press Finish.

  12. At this point, you can email or print an invoice for the customer or your records.